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How to Stop Your Dog From Shedding Hair

Posted on 31st July 2019 by Green Lane Farm Team

Owning a dog is not all wagging tails and slobbery kisses. Expect to surrender pristine furniture and carpets to wisps of moulting dog hair. Unfortunately, moulting is just a natural part of a dog’s life cycle; while you can’t prevent it altogether, you can take steps to reduce it. This... Continue reading →

Dog sunscreen, and other ways to keep your pets cool

Posted on 22nd August 2018 by Green Lane Farm Team

How To Keep Your Pets Cool When it gets hot, we as a nation can be very proactive with our factor 50, large sun hats, and stash of refillable water bottles. So think about it, what do we really do for our pets? Just like us, our pets require a little... Continue reading →

Healthy Foods for Dogs

Posted on 13th June 2016 by Green Lane Farm Team

In these health-conscious times, more and more of us are choosing to lead healthier lifestyles by changing the way we eat. This is not just exclusive to us, but should also apply to our pets so they can lead long and active lives. Here, we will provide you with a... Continue reading →

Kennel Cough – Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

Posted on 4th April 2016 by Green Lane Farm Team

One of your main duties as a dog owner is to be able to recognise the symptoms of the most common illnesses so you know when professional veterinary help is required. As such, this article will look into one of the most common illnesses to affect dogs: kennel cough. Here,... Continue reading →

Microchip your Dog for Free

Posted on 30th October 2015 by Green Lane Farm Team

Whether you have purchased a new dog or you are moving house with your precious pooch in tow, it may take your pet a while to become familiar with its new surroundings. With this in mind, it’s important to have all the necessary precautions in place should your dog go... Continue reading →

How to Identify Heatstroke in Dogs

Posted on 14th August 2015 by Green Lane Farm Team

While we all spend the first half of the year wishing for a hot summer, when it finally arrives most of us are unsure about how to deal with the heat! While it’s easy for us to identify when we need to cool down to avoid heatstroke, it cannot be... Continue reading →

Poisonous Plants for Pets

Posted on 28th April 2015 by Green Lane Farm Team

Many of us look forward to the beginning of spring, and the beautiful array of plants and flowers that bloom as the warmer weather sets in. But as a pet owner, it’s important to know which of these plants could potentially cause your furry friend harm, so you can avoid... Continue reading →

How we Keep your Pets Safe and Happy

Posted on 10th March 2015 by Green Lane Farm Team

Here at Green Lane Farm, we work very hard to ensure the safety, security and well being of all the animals in our care, so our customers feel happy and confident when leaving their pets with us. A big part of what makes our customers so confident in our ability... Continue reading →

Is it Safe for Dogs to Sleep in Front of the Fire?

Posted on 17th December 2014 by Green Lane Farm Team

Dogs have a sixth sense for heat sources. The moment you flick the switch for the central heating, or bend down to light the fire, they’re there, ready to take up residence in prime position for the duration of winter! Just like us they find comfort in the warmth and... Continue reading →

How to Keep Your Pets Warm This Winter

Posted on 5th December 2014 by Green Lane Farm Team

If you’re starting to feel the cold as the nights draws in, chances are your furry friends are too! Many people believe that because dogs are descended from wild animals, they are fine in colder temperatures, but after hundreds of years of domestication, it is likely your pet still feels... Continue reading →


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In light of the current circumstances regarding Coronavirus, Green Lane Farm Boarding Kennels have made the difficult decision to temporarily close from Saturday the 4th of April 2020 until further notice.

If your pet is currently staying with us we will contact you direct to discuss their arrangements further.

We will have limited access to our phones and emails but the team will respond to any enquiries as soon as we possibly can.

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