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Dog Toys You Can Make Yourself

Posted on 29th September 2015 by Green Lane Farm Team

While you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, it seems as though there’s always a new toy or accessory available on the market for your prized pup to enjoy. Although it’s good to keep your dog active and entertained, regularly replacing dog-eared toys with brand new ones can become rather costly. Their natural instincts are to chew, play and hunt for treats, so you must provide them with toys which allow them to do so.

This article will provide some cheap homemade pet toys for you to make yourself or get creative with the kids.

Sock and Ball

As the name suggests, this is probably the cheapest, easiest DIY pet toy you can make as there are minimal materials and work involved.

Simply insert a tennis ball into the toe-end of a long sock and tie a knot just above the ball to ensure it stays inside when being thrown around! For a more durable alternative, you could substitute the sock for a strong piece of rope.

Sock and Ball DIY Dog Toys

Bottle Crinkle

Again, this toy is very simple and cheap to make as all you require is an empty water bottle and piece of cloth/a sock. This has proven to be a popular toy with dogs as the noise from the empty bottle being thrown around and chewed makes it engaging and fun to play with.

To make this toy, start by wrapping the water bottle in the cloth or insert it into a long sock and tie a knot in both ends. Then, cut the excess material at either end of the bottle into strands and tie little knots at the end of each strand so there is plenty for your dog to grasp.

Bottle Crinkle - DIY Dog Toys

Towel Plaits

This is a popular DIY dog toy as not only is it simple and affordable to make, it is also extremely robust for your precious pooch to throw around and chew.  All you need to do is cut two or three slits along the length of the towel, stopping just an inch from the top. Then, plait the towel and tie a knot at either end so it is completely secure and held tightly in place.

Towel Plaits DIY Dog Toys

Savoury surprise!

All that is required when making this homemade toy is an empty plastic milk, water or other form of bottle and a few tasty treats. Simply throw away the plastic cap at the top of the bottle and insert a few treats inside. After a long stint of playing, the treats will gradually escape from the bottle, giving your dog a yummy reward after all their hard work! You could even go the extra mile and create a game like the one below:

DIY Dog Toys

Here at Green Lane Farm, we offer modern, fully heated boarding kennels where your dog can stay long or short term while you’re away. We are dedicated to making sure your treasured pet feels safe and comfortable during their visit, while entertaining and keeping them active with regular playtime. To find out more information about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today.


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