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Healthy Foods for Dogs

Posted on 13th June 2016 by Green Lane Farm Team

In these health-conscious times, more and more of us are choosing to lead healthier lifestyles by changing the way we eat. This is not just exclusive to us, but should also apply to our pets so they can lead long and active lives. Here, we will provide you with a list of healthy foods for dogs, packed full of vitamins, nutrients and minerals, and explain how your pet pooch can benefit from the inclusion of these foods in their diet.

healthy foods for dogs infographic

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Healthy Foods for Dogs

Cooked Salmon

Can dogs eat salmon? Yes, only cooked salmon.

Why it’s healthy: Cooked salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids

Benefits: Healthier, shinier coat and it supports your dog’s immune system

Important informationDo not give your dog uncooked salmon as this can make them very sick

How to feed it to your petSimply place some cooked salmon into the dog bowl


Can my dog eat oatmeal or porridge? Yes

Why it’s healthy:  High in fibre and packed with vitamins and minerals

BenefitsHelps regulate bowel movements and improve digestion, which is particularly beneficial for senior dogs. It’s also safe for dogs with food allergies

Important information: Make sure you cook the oatmeal before serving it to your pet and use a plain variety with no artificial flavourings or added sugar

How to feed it to your petSimply cook some oatmeal and make sure it is cooled down before adding to their dog bowl


Can dogs eat carrots? Yes.

Why it’s healthy: Low in calories and high in fibre and vitamins

BenefitsCrunching on carrots is good for dogs’ teeth and they are also the perfect low-calorie snack for overweight dogs

How to feed it to your petSimply place the carrots into the dog bowl


Is yogurt good for dogs to eat? Yes!

Why it’s healthyHigh in protein and calcium  

BenefitsGood for digestive system

Important informationMake sure you choose live yogurts with active bacteria which don’t contain added sugar or artificial sweeteners

How to feed it to your petUse 1 to 3 tablespoons depending on dog’s size.  You can mix yogurt with canned food or pellets. If offering yogurt as a special treat every now and again, you can place the yogurt in a bowl and serve it to your dog as it is


Can a dog eat chicken? Yes – raw as well as cooked.

Why it’s healthy: Great source of protein and nutrients

Benefits:  Raw chicken wings can keep teeth and gums healthy

Important information:  Skin should be removed as it can be a source of fat. Cooked bones should never be fed to dogs as these can cause internal damage – bones should always be raw.

How to feed it to your pet: It can be raw or cooked, simply toss into the dog bowl as it is – makes for a good meal replacement if you have run out of dog food


Are apples good for dogs to eat? Yes.

Why it’s healthy: Full of vitamin A and C, they are rich in nutrients, a good source of fibre

Benefits: Cleans residue off teeth which helps to freshen breath

Important informationAvoid feeding the seeds to your dog as they naturally contain cyanide. Take out the core as this can be a choking hazard

How to feed it to your petApple slices can be given to your dog with the skin on

Green Beans

Are green beans healthy for dogs? Yes.

Why it’s healthy: Nutritious, low in calories, full of iron and vitamins, high in fibre

BenefitsHelps to preserve your dog’s eye health, assists in a healthy heart, can help overweight dogs lose weight

Important information: make sure to feed your dog only fresh beans or canned ones with no added salt

How to feed it to your pet: add a handful of green beans to your pet’s regular food


Can a dog eat eggs? Yes.

Why it’s healthyFull of vitamins, high in protein

Benefits: eggs assist with healthy bones and teeth, the egg shells help to maintain a shiny coat, it’s a good source of iodine for healthy thyroid and selenium can help prevent cancer

Important informationEggs are high in fat, so serve in moderation

How to feed it to your petCan be fed raw or cooked, should be fed with a shell to get all health benefits. Must be served plain with no seasoning


Can I feed my dog pumpkin? Yes.

Why it’s healthyGood source of fibre and Vitamin A

BenefitsCan aid with digestive issues

Important informationMust have no added sugars or spices

How to feed it to your petCan be served raw or from a can


Can dogs eat broccoli? Yes.

Why it’s healthyRich in vitamins and a great source of fibre

Benefits: it can naturally help to clean their teeth, protects against harmful bacteria and viruses and boosts immune system

Important informationMust be served in small amounts and in moderation as it can cause gastric irritation and bowel problems

How to feed it to your petA portion of broccoli should not exceed 5% of your dog’s daily food intake

Important Note

When introducing any new foods to your pet, you must consult with your vet to check that they are suitable for your animal’s diet. You must take into account any allergies or intolerances your pet may have to ensure they do not have a reaction which could leave them very ill.

Green Lane Farm

Here at Green Lane Farm, your animal’s health and happiness are paramount to us for the duration of their stay at our kennels. With over 50 years’ experience caring for animals, we offer a safe and secure home away from home for your pet, so you can rest assured they are in the best hands. Not only that, we also have qualified vets on hand so any health problems can be quickly addressed.

To find out more about our list of healthy foods for dogs or to learn more about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of experts today – we are always happy to help.


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