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How To Keep a Dog Entertained While at Work

Posted on 27th August 2020 by Green Lane Farm Team

Us pet-lovers would love nothing more than to spend 24/7 with our pets but when the time comes to go work and say goodbye to our furry pals, the question we face is: how do we keep our pets happy and entertained when they’re alone? This month Green Lane Farm will be offering top tips on how to keep your dog entertained when we’re at work or busy working from home. From chew toys to window seats and calming sounds, we’ll be covering plenty of ways to keep your pet busy.
dog by window

1. Long-lasting chews

Ideal for those who work from home – It might sound slightly gross to us but dogs tend to find comfort in long-lasting chews, and they can actually be beneficial to your pet’s health too! The safest and tastiest long-lasting chews include:

  • Bully sticks – safe to eat on their own, high in protein, good for a dog or puppy’s teeth
  • Lamb horns – safe to eat on their own, work well in a protein-rich diet and can be filled with dog-safe peanut butter
  • Yak cheese (Himilayan dog chews) – odour-free and an extremely yummy and natural products

Before giving your pup or dog a long-lasting edible chew to occupy them when you’re working from home, check with your vet to ensure it’s appropriate. If you’ve been given the go-ahead, be sure to check their chew and remove it when it becomes small and considered a choking hazard.

A few other things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t let your dog chew them for too long – chews when they become soft and slobbery can be eaten quickly, so take it away at intervals.
  • Don’t give them a long-lasting chew every day – although they make good dog-sitters, you don’t want them to become dependent on them.
  • Choose the right chew for your dog – aggressive chewers will need larger chews.
  • Keep an eye on your pet – although long-lasting chews are relatively safe, it’s important to monitor them.


2. Snuffle mats and on to food puzzles

Prior to leaving the house, place treats under pet-friendly objects and this will keep your dog occupied and will trigger scavenger instincts, which will make him use his nose to hunt down the treats. As your dog gets better and better at this, up the ante and invest in some food puzzles to make the game just that little more difficult.


3. Destruction boxes

A what? Destruction boxes for dogs are extremely simple, cheap and fun to make and will definitely keep your pooch entertained.

To make, rummage through your card recycling and put together a cardboard box but leave the top open to embellish the inside with your pup’s favourite treats. You can use spreadable foods like dog-friendly peanut butter and liver pate on the inside corners. Use old paper egg boxes and fill with different treats such as carrots, broccoli, meaty-flavoured treats and cheese. Pop in a couple of toys and stuff old toilet rolls with treats wrapped in newspaper, for them to eventually find.

Destruction or distraction boxes keep dogs entertained for ages whilst you’re at work, they provide a fun activity and are suitable for a dog’s teeth, and it keeps them away from turning to expensive upholstery.

4. Turn on the radio

Sounds from the radio or ‘relaxing dog music’ can help to soothe your pet as it makes them feel like they’re not alone. Keep the radio on low, so it’s not wholly distracting but enough to keep them focused on the sounds inside the house rather than at passersby or cars outside.


5. Allow your dog a window seat, so that they can see outside

Some dogs like to be nosey neighbours, and if that describes your dog, treat them to a window seat. Here they will be able to enjoy watching the world go by and they will feel on top of the world, keeping the house safe whilst you’re at work.


6. Hire a dog walker

Do your research and find a reputable and local dog walker who will be able to get your dog used to new people and dogs with similar temperaments, this will keep them active during the day whilst you’re at work.

dog on lead


7. Calming pet scent plug-ins

For the anxious pups, it might be worth using a scented plug-in – it’s essentially aromatherapy for dogs. There’s a wide scent range to choose from: lavender, chamomile, sweet marjoram, cedar, cypress, bergamot and more!


8. Opt for doggy daycare

Don’t want to leave your pup alone? That’s OK, many pet owners feel the same and turn to doggy daycare. At doggy daycare, your pet will be in professional hands – where they will be walked, fed and kept entertained whilst they’re away from home. Suitable for both short term and long term arrangements, Green Lane Farm offers pet owners the chance to relax whilst at work with peace of mind knowing that their pet is being well looked after.


If you’d like to discuss our doggy daycare services or are interested in another one of the services we offer, get in touch with Green Lane Farm. We’re passionate about pets and would love to hear from you. We operate throughout Surrey and various other areas.


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