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How To Keep a Dog Entertained While at Work

Posted on 27th August 2020 by adtrak.admin

Us pet-lovers would love nothing more than to spend 24/7 with our pets but when the time comes to go work and say goodbye to our furry pals, the question we face is: how do we keep our pets happy and entertained when they’re alone? This month Green Lane Farm... Continue reading →

How Do I Stop My Dog Getting Fleas

Posted on 22nd June 2020 by Green Lane Farm Team

Fleas are small, flightless insects that survive by parasitising small mammals and feeding on their blood. While that sounds dreadful, an infestation of these vampiric little beasts on your pooch is rarely life-threatening, but should nevertheless be treated quickly and thoroughly. The main types of flea that affect domestic pets... Continue reading →

The Best Dog-Friendly Pubs in Surrey

Posted on 5th March 2020 by Green Lane Farm Team

Surrey’s rich grasslands are the perfect place for a spot of dog walking. And when you and your pup get tired, there’s nothing better than enjoying a crisp, refreshing ale at your local countryside pub.  It’s always nice to feel welcome at a local pub — and that goes for... Continue reading →

A Beginner’s Guide to Owning a Tortoise

Posted on 7th October 2019 by Green Lane Farm Team

Tortoises make for great pets. They are attractive, quiet and exhibit fascinating behaviour. In this guide, the experts at Green Lane Farms are going to teach you everything you need to know about how to care for a tortoise.   Which breeds of tortoise make for good pets? Not all... Continue reading →

How to Stop Your Dog From Shedding Hair

Posted on 31st July 2019 by Green Lane Farm Team

Owning a dog is not all wagging tails and slobbery kisses. Expect to surrender pristine furniture and carpets to wisps of moulting dog hair. Unfortunately, moulting is just a natural part of a dog’s life cycle; while you can’t prevent it altogether, you can take steps to reduce it. This... Continue reading →

Checklist: Moving Home with Cats

Posted on 18th February 2019 by Green Lane Farm Team

As any pet owner knows, your home isn’t only special to you, it’s special to your pets as well. Most animals become very attached to their environment and that’s certainly no exception when it comes to cats. Cats have multiple favourite sleeping places in the house, so when you move,... Continue reading →

Kinder alternatives to declawing your cats

Posted on 4th January 2019 by Green Lane Farm Team

Declawing your cat is illegal in the UK and many other countries because this surgical procedure is the equivalent of cutting a human finger off to the first knuckle. To someone who may not have owned a pet before, this term might be confused with trimming nails or general cat... Continue reading →

5 Cute Christmas Jumpers For Dogs

Posted on 7th December 2018 by Green Lane Farm Team

As the festive season is now upon us and the big day is fast approaching, why not include your beloved dog in your cracking Christmas celebrations this year? Wearing festive themed jumpers in the lead up to Christmas has become a popular tradition in recent years, so there no better... Continue reading →

How pets help with stress relief

Posted on 2nd October 2018 by Green Lane Farm Team

Any animal lovers will exclaim just how much they enjoy spending time with their pets. What’s not to like? They’re great companions, they’ll never judge you and they’re always happy to see you. This month Green Lane Farm are here to share with you the facts and figures on just... Continue reading →

Dog sunscreen, and other ways to keep your pets cool

Posted on 22nd August 2018 by Green Lane Farm Team

How To Keep Your Pets Cool When it gets hot, we as a nation can be very proactive with our factor 50, large sun hats, and stash of refillable water bottles. So think about it, what do we really do for our pets? Just like us, our pets require a little... Continue reading →


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