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How to look after a guinea pig

Posted on 12th January 2024 by Green Lane Farm Team

Guinea pigs are one of the most popular pets in the UK, with approximately one million of them in the UK, according to the latest figures. That’s no real surprise, as they are relatively easy to look after and safe for kids to play with and handle. They’re also unbelievably... Continue reading →

Travelling with dogs: how to make it easier for them and you

Posted on 21st December 2023 by Green Lane Farm Team

We’ve all seen cars drive by with dogs sticking their heads out of the passenger window to enjoy the rapidly passing view. But is driving with your dog next to you in the car a safe thing to do, or even legal? Meanwhile, it’s only in the last twenty years... Continue reading →

A complete guide to looking after indoor cats

Posted on 21st November 2023 by Green Lane Farm Team

Many cats like to roam their neighbourhoods, but the outside life isn’t for all our feline friends. In our busy modern world, some owners prefer to keep their pets safe from the dangers that can undoubtedly lie in wait for unwary moggies. This month, we’re looking at what you need... Continue reading →

How to toilet train a puppy

Posted on 18th October 2023 by Green Lane Farm Team

When you take on a new puppy, you’re also taking on plenty of responsibility and there’s a lot you’ll both need to learn if you want to live happily for the rest of your time together.  One of your most important tasks will be to toilet train your puppy, and... Continue reading →

Understanding your tortoise’s behaviour

Posted on 18th September 2023 by Green Lane Farm Team

When you take on a tortoise as a household pet, you probably won’t be enjoying the kinds of fun, affection and companionship that you get from cats and dogs or even rabbits and rodents. You can say what you like about tortoises, but they are not generally the most expressive... Continue reading →

Senior cat care: how to look after older cats

Posted on 14th August 2023 by Green Lane Farm Team

There’s a bit of kitten in every cat, no matter how old they are. And when we see them playing, it can be hard to get our heads around the fact that they’re getting older and aren’t as mobile and flexible as they used to be.  But – like all of... Continue reading →

Do our dogs actually love us?

Posted on 14th July 2023 by Green Lane Farm Team

We all like to think that our dogs love us as much as we love them, and the way they can look at us with those big, soulful eyes, or jump around with joy and wag their tails when we come home, would seem to support the idea. But are... Continue reading →

How to look after pet ducks

Posted on 16th June 2023 by Green Lane Farm Team

Ducks are not the most common of pets, but if you’ve ever spent time feeding them at the lake in your local park, you’ll know that they are fun to watch and kids in particular love being around them. And, of course, you’ll also get the side bonus of fresh... Continue reading →

Should I get a cat or a dog?

Posted on 17th May 2023 by Green Lane Farm Team

If you’re thinking about getting a pet, whether as a companion for yourself or as an extra member of your family, you may be undecided whether you’re better off getting a cat or a dog.  For some, this choice may come down simply to which they prefer – we all know... Continue reading →

How do animals find their way home?

Posted on 21st April 2023 by Green Lane Farm Team

Humans like to think of themselves as the most intelligent creatures on the planet. But there are many different ways of measuring intelligence, and in some ways our animal friends have got us beaten hands down. For example, if we were to be taken somewhere unfamiliar and left to find... Continue reading →


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