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What Foods Are Toxic To Dogs?

Posted on 30th July 2021 by Green Lane Farm Team

If you’re a dog owner, you’ll already be more than well aware that the average pooch is not the most discerning eater in the world. Basically, given half the chance, they’ll eat just about anything. Sometimes that can be unpleasant, sometimes it can be inconvenient, but if you’re not careful,... Continue reading →

Doggy Daycare in Surrey

Posted on 24th June 2021 by Green Lane Farm Team

With the worst effects of the coronavirus pandemic hopefully starting to fade into the past, something approaching normal life is once more taking hold. For many of us, that means returning to the office after the best part of 18 months working from home. For our dogs, on the other... Continue reading →

Do Dogs Like Being In Boarding Kennels?

Posted on 27th May 2021 by Green Lane Farm Team

We all love going on holiday and, writing this as foreign holidays start to seem like a possibility again after 14 months of pandemic, trips abroad can be even more precious as a means of getting away from the stresses of work. But if you’re a dog owner, the immediate... Continue reading →

What foods are toxic to cats?

Posted on 19th April 2021 by Green Lane Farm Team

If you’ve owned both cats and dogs, you’ll already be more than aware that cats are by far the more discerning diners of the two. No matter how hungry they may be, if your cat decides that the food you're offering them is not to their taste, they’ll refuse to... Continue reading →

How to Cycle with Your Dog Safely

Posted on 16th March 2021 by Green Lane Farm Team

The various lockdowns that have come as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have sparked many of us into taking up something new. Some of us have used the time to try and complete Netflix’s back catalogue, some have taken up learning an instrument and some have thrown themselves into... Continue reading →

How to support your pet through lockdown

Posted on 11th February 2021 by Green Lane Farm Team

As pet sales soar across Britain during lockdown with 11% of all households welcoming a new pet into the family, and 10% planning to do so in the near future - it’s important to look at how we can support the life of our beloved furry friends to ensure theirs... Continue reading →

Cattery FAQs

Posted on 2nd November 2020 by Green Lane Farm Team

Whether it’s the first time your pet is going into a cattery or you’re trying somewhere entirely new, it’s always nice to have peace of mind, knowing that they’re going to be well looked after whilst you’re away. Please have a read through of our FAQ section to see if... Continue reading →

How To Keep a Dog Entertained While at Work

Posted on 27th August 2020 by Green Lane Farm Team

Us pet-lovers would love nothing more than to spend 24/7 with our pets but when the time comes to go work and say goodbye to our furry pals, the question we face is: how do we keep our pets happy and entertained when they’re alone? This month Green Lane Farm... Continue reading →

How Do I Stop My Dog Getting Fleas

Posted on 22nd June 2020 by Green Lane Farm Team

Fleas are small, flightless insects that survive by parasitising small mammals and feeding on their blood. While that sounds dreadful, an infestation of these vampiric little beasts on your pooch is rarely life-threatening, but should nevertheless be treated quickly and thoroughly. The main types of flea that affect domestic pets... Continue reading →

The Best Dog-Friendly Pubs in Surrey

Posted on 5th March 2020 by Green Lane Farm Team

Surrey’s rich grasslands are the perfect place for a spot of dog walking. And when you and your pup get tired, there’s nothing better than enjoying a crisp, refreshing ale at your local countryside pub.  It’s always nice to feel welcome at a local pub — and that goes for... Continue reading →


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